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You have discovered a unique skill, talent, or business

Now make sure it is presented in the best light possible

Protecting your vision, providing direction, and understanding which strategies best suit your goals are foundational to our guiding principles.

Partnering with someone you trust to manage your business, financial, and contractual commitments is an invaluable advantage for creative professionals. Doing so maximizes success in various aspects of life – allowing you to pursue your passion without worry or distraction.

Whether you are an independent artist just starting or an established name with years in the business, count on Mien Management to focus your creativity and artistry while driving your professional goals forward.

Featured Clients

Derrick Bell

Derrick Bell wants the viewer to question what they know and examine their perspectives on racism, human trafficking, the wealth gap, and more. “I create work about how political, social, and cultural challenges can be turned into calls for action and acts of care and agency.”

Alize Ali

Alize has accomplished and overcome many obstacles, making him the remarkable artist he is today. Some of his many accomplishments include creating the world’s first hip hop artist development program, entitled “The Institute,” and releasing DFW’s first 5-disk album, “Anything But A Mixtape Vol. 1”. Alize has worked with several established artists such as UGK, Mystical, Bow Wow, Lil Flip, MAC, & many, many more.

Chris TC Moore

Chris TC Moore invites viewers to challenge preconceived notions, invite introspection, and interpret the work through their unique lens. Their art appears chaotic, amalgamating disparate elements that seem irreconcilable. However, upon closer inspection, a delicate balance emerges, revealing the artist’s underlying intention to disrupt the viewer’s perception of reality. It is within this dissonance that Moore’s talent lies.

Mister Speaks

Mister Speaks is a cultural observer and entertainer. He reminds us that life is a journey through a series of experiences and moments, and to stay stuck in one, good or bad, is to one’s detriment. Accept that life is a wonderfully complicated journey, and know that civility, art, and culture will light your way.

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