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You have discovered a unique skill, talent, or business. Now make sure it is presented in the best light possible.
For us, protecting your hard work, providing guidance, and knowing which strategies will best suit your goals while driving your creativity forward.
Ultimately, taking control of your business, financial and contractual needs – and having someone you trust who can help with them – is an invaluable advantage that every artist should be sure to utilize. Doing so will maximize success in various aspects of life, putting achieving goals within reach while letting you pursue your passion without worry or distraction.
Whether you are an independent artist just starting or an established name with years in the business, having someone to help drive your creativity will free up time to focus on your artistry and professional goals.

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Oakland, CA USA                  (510) 992-4036

Featured Clients

Derrick Bell

Derrick Bell wants the viewer to question what they know and examine their perspectives on racism, human trafficking, the wealth gap, and more. “I create work about how political, social, and cultural challenges can be turned into calls for action and acts of care and agency.”

Alize Ali

Alize has accomplished and overcome many obstacles, making him the remarkable artist he is today. Some of his many accomplishments include creating the world’s first hip hop artist development program, entitled “The Institute,” and releasing DFW’s first 5-disk album, “Anything But A Mixtape Vol. 1”. Alize has worked with several established artists such as UGK, Mystical, Bow Wow, Lil Flip, MAC, & many, many more.

Mister Speaks

Mister Speaks is a cultural observer and entertainer. He reminds us that life is a journey through a series of experiences and moments, and to stay stuck in one, good or bad, is to one’s detriment. Accept that life is a wonderfully complicated journey, and know that civility, art, and culture will light your way.

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